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Is It Soccer Or Football And Where Did It Begin?

Of course, diehard fans of Manchester United will tell you that the modern version of football or soccer as it is called by many came into being in England, but others all over the world claim that the invention of the sports belongs to their country.

According to the Chinese, they had a version of the game being played as far back as 7,000 years ago! Theie game was called Tsu Chu and the players would hit a fur stuffed leather ball into a hole. Similar to soccer today hands were not allowed to be used and being on the team was thought an honor.

The Japanese called their idea of soccer Kemari and it is said that it originated about three thousand years ago. Their sport was very much like Tsu Chu of the Chinese and according to history it is said that they actually played a game between the two countries in 611A.D.

The records from the Byzantine Empire show that a version of soccer being played there before the rise of the Roman Empire may be the truest version from ancient times. The Romans and the Greeks had many games that were close to soccer and the game called Harpastum is the game thought to be one soccer could have evolved from.

Believe it or not the ancient Mayans in Pre-Columbia America also had a game similar to soccer. It was actually like a combination of soccer and basketball with small stone hoops placed about ten to twelve feet up and the players had to bounce a ball made of a hard rubber like substance through the hoop without using their hands. This version called Pok t' Pok was also quite violent and the use of weapons was allowed at times. The losing team was beheaded, no worries of a losing streak.

Finally from Britain we get the story of soccer beginning with the beheading of a Danish Prince. It is said that his head was used as a ball and that as he was hated so much that villagers passed around drawings depicting the event with a ball instead of his head and that is how it became a sport kicking the ball into a specified goal or net.

The early sport was extremely violent but very popular all over the country. King Edward III thought it to be so violent that he wanted to ban common people from playing it but that never came to fruition.


How To Thoroughly Enjoy Sports As A Fan Even If You Were Never Into Sports

If you have been a sports fan, you have all the chances in the world to have fun with your other fellow sports fans. Instead of viewing the game at home sitting by yourself, you can invite all your best friends or best sports fan friends over and have a party. It's a good time to get to know other people and to have new people over. Other than just sitting at home with the same people as always can get pretty boring, you can go into the games and meet new friends to have fun with. The more you get around more people the more you will meet.

It looks as if everyone has been to a super bowl party. Even those who can't stand football have been to a super bowl party where they have met cool new people. It's a great day to get together with others and enjoy the same thing as everyone else, and more than likely meet completely new people. Many new friendships are made at super bowl parties and many can be broken through stupidity. You encounter someone who you really like to talk to and like hanging around, and might even end up watching another game with in the future to come. You will most likely end up with a hardcore group of football jocks who love the same thing you do or even more.

Fantasy football leagues are also another great way to get involved socially in the surrounding area around where you are located you have heard of the rules by now. Every player in the fantasy football league picks players from all different teams, and receives a score based on the recruit's performance. These events are held everywhere you can imagine I think that's why they are called fantasy games. Just discover a plug in and you will be able to have your fantasy football anywhere and everywhere you go. Sometimes the league will meet up and discuss stats with each other.

As you see before this there are many different ways you can get more active in the areas around you. Watching football no longer has to be the only thing involved in your life. Invite your friends over, have some beer, and enjoy sports with the people you love to chill with. If the people you hang around with don't like sports go out and find something that the whole group likes and loves to do. I am sure you can find something for your whole group to do besides sit at home and watch football there are many clubs and other places you can go to have a good time.


Christmas Gifts for Guys

The men in our lives are always some of the hardest to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts. Either they go out and buy whatever they want for themselves throughout the year, or they already have everything that they need and struggle to give you suggestions about what else they could possibly want. When thinking up Christmas gifts for guys, you need to take cues from their hobbies and interests and sometimes think a little bit outside the box for the perfect Christmas gift. This list might help drum up some ideas about what the guys in your life would love for Christmas this year.

Sports Jerseys or Tickets

If you know a guy that loves sports, chances are they can never have enough stuff from his favorite team. Some suggestions would be his favorite player's jersey, tickets to an upcoming home game, or merchandise from his favorite team such as beer mugs, baseball hats, coasters, cell phone covers and things of that nature. Bonus points for finding wrapping paper in his team's colors.

Computer and Electronics Accessories

Every guy surely has at least one computer or electronic device that they can't live without. Give him something to use with his electronics this Christmas that will increase their usability or prolong their use. New headphones, computer bags and cases, tablet cases, iPhone covers, remotes and chargers are just some ideas for the tech guy in your life.


If you know the guy well enough, clothes and accessories can make excellent Christmas gifts for guys. Guys tend to only shop when it's a necessity, so surprise him with a new sweater, jacket, sunglasses, watch, belt, hat or other clothing item that you think he would really love. Always get a gift receipt, just in case he isn't crazy about the exact color or style you select.

Experience Gifts

Perhaps the best gift for a guy that has it all is no gift at all - no physical gift, that is. Experience gifts are the new go-to item for people that are tough to shop for. You can select any number of experiences to gift, such as learning how to fly a plane to cooking classes. These gifts range in price from extremely affordable options to luxury packages, so there is truly an experience gift perfect for anyone.

Tools and Equipment

The handymen in our lives need tools and equipment to keep their projects going, so what better gift for a handyman than products for home repair and maintenance, camping and other manly pursuits. Find out what tools your handyman needs to avoid buying him a duplicate and make the present extra special by also getting him a special carrying case or some other accessory that would complement the tool or equipment.

Toys for Boys

No matter the age, all men love a great toy. With the high-tech options on the market today, it's easier than ever to pick up a fun and useful toy. If you're buying a gift for an outdoorsmen, pick up a handheld GPS. If you have a weather tracker in your life, get an indoor digital weather station. Just make sure to give him batteries along with the gift so that he can open and use it right away.


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